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June 30 2020

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Just had my nth conversation with someone about mask-wearing today - yet another well-intentioned moron who was like 

  • ‘But the virus is gone now’ (it isn’t) 
  • ‘But the mask is uncomfortable’ (ventilators are worse)
  • ‘But you’re young, you won’t die’ (having this thing could impact my health for decades to come + it’s my responsability to protect those who’re more vulnerable than I am because that’s how society works)
  • ‘But are you going to live in fear for the rest of your life’ (taking concrete safety measures actually helps me feel more in control and less worried)
  • ‘But are you going to give up everything and stay inside like a rat’ (no, but I’m definitely going to decide what’s worth risking my health for, and shopping for bread rolls is not very high on my list of literally-to-die-for activities)
  • ‘But what if they never find a vaccine’ (then we’ll get used to the situation just like we got used to a thousand other things like seat belts, bike helmets, and increasingly weird true crime podcasts). 

I know it’s tiring to have people call you paranoid all the time - but you’re right and they’re wrong. Check the news, keep a safe distance from others whenever possible and keep wearing your mask!

(Btw that thread is full of interesting stuff.)



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June 27 2020

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June 24 2020

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June 18 2020

Können wir nicht als trostpflaster für 2020 endlich Gras Legalisieren?
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